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Meet the Team

Board of Directors


Chris Finley, Jr.

President and Certified Helper

Chris is a dedicated trainer and a USCA Certified Helper. He has always had a deep passion for animals, and his current Rottweiler, Ace, is his first IGP dog. Chris is a production engineer for Dow Chemical.

Current Dogs:

Ace (Rott) BH, BST, Ztp (ADRK), IGP1

Roxie (Rott) BH


David McNeal

Vice President

David has been working with dogs for few years. He has always had a passion for them since he was a child. He is now pursuing sport titles with his two female dogs.
Current Dogs:
Pepper (GSD) BH
Dixie (GSD) BH


Charles McCurley

Training Director

Charles has been training dogs since he was a teenager. He is an incredible mind, balanced trainer, and a reliable training helper. Apart from training dogs, he is a dedicated family man. Charles has trained numerous dogs, several to IGP3 more than once.

Past Dogs: 

SG Bad Derik SchH3 (Bad: GSD)

Current Dogs:

Greif (GSD) BH (Bravo)

Blitz (GSD) BH

Meet the Team: Meet the Team


While this display is not exhaustive, you will be able to get a feel for our membership.

Meet the Team: Team Members
Kat and Danaerys.jpg

Kathleen Padilla "Kat"

Kat is a dedicated trainer and breeder to her beloved Dobermans. She began her training journey with horses before transitioning to dogs. Kat is currently in college pursuing a degree in business. In her free time, she raises chickens and trains her dogs.

Current Dogs:

Canela (Doberman)

Danaerys (Doberman)

Anubis (Doberman)

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